Galveston Bay Fishing Report 



A cool north wind in August!!?? Strange weather indeed, but very welcome. (This global warming is so nice :)) The North wind has made the beach front gorgeous. All kinds of good reports from the surf. The bay still holding fish but for my trip this last Saturday we around to the surf by boat and caught 17 trout and 3 oversize Bull reds. Check out the smile on the young mans face with that Big Bull on the picture page. That fish was as big as him but he did an outstanding job of wearing it out on light spinning gear. It was a great battle that lasted more than 15 minutes. Way to go William!! The trout we caught this day were on the small side compaired to recent catches but they are the ones we needed to feed their family, who were all here enjoying a great vacation on the beach. They were headed to the grill and fying pan that night. Good stuff.

The water was green and beautiful and the weather was cool for August. What a great time to be on the water. For those of you who can sneak away from work, the next few days will be great in the surf. Unfortunately I have appointments in town working all week and will just have to drool over the pretty surf each day as I drive in. It looks like it will hold until Thursday. After that the Bay will still be the place to be. - Captain John


The Galveston Bay Foundation had their 2nd annual Ladies Casting for Coservation tournament this weekend at Stingaree Downunder. It was a great event with lots of support and turnout. The Final numbers are not in but it looks as if this ladies event raised around $35,000 to be utilized for conservation efforts by the Galveston Bay Foundation. Way to go girls (and guys)! And Thank you GBF and all sponsors for havinf this event here on the Peninsula. It is great exposure and fun for us all.

The weather was gorgeous this weekend but the fishing was not easy. We have had bad tides and a relentless west wind that has really slowed down the trout bite for several days. For the Tournament day, the fishing was very slow for most everyone with very few fish weighed in this year. My Ladies Team, "Asleep at the Reel", (is that a cool team name or what) fought hard and ground it out to catch their 3 trout stringer with a large anchor fish to boot and 2 gorgeous slot reds as well. We won 1st place Trout, 1st Place Redfish, and Big stringer to boot for the pro division. Thank you Girls, you made the Captain Very Proud.  Be sure to check out the picture page as I will post several shots from the Tournament. Note the smiles on these ladies faces. That's why I like my job.

The Bay fishing should pick up as the tides get stronger this week. However the west wind is still in the forecast all week. I guess we will deal with it. The surf has kicked up some impressive stringers this week, and depending on wind we get, it should continue to do so this week. My friend and neighbor had one morning on Top waters that they released 6 fish over 25". Pretty impressive.  - Captain John

Tackle Tip - I get asked a lot about tackle, and Anyone who has fished with me knows I like spinning gear and FINS Windtamer Braided line (30# test) for throwing live bait. But if you are not using this line on your baitcaster with your artificials, you need to be. I don't endorse much, because I don't have sponsors, nor do I want any. I buy my tackle like most other folks do. I have to order this on line because the local sporting good places I frequent don't carry it. But this is good stuff and worth the money. You will feel things and more importantly Bites, that you have never felt before. It matters.









The fishing has remained fabulous all week. Reports are coming from all areas of our Bay system. From the surf to the Bay  or the jetty's. They are all holding big hungry fish. I had a couple of buddies on friday, and a cool Mom with her son on Saturday and they all caught some really nice big fish. The weather was really hot, but it was worth it. I will take light winds and heat any day. The forecast this week shows a little wind event coming this weekend so it may slow us down a little. But it will only be because we cant get out where the fish are. This pattern should remain the same all summer. Dont forget the picture page! - Captain John


Well the fourth of July was a great weekend down at the Beach. It was crowded as usual and the winds finally let up. The surf turned on for many with lots of trout and reds coming from the beachfront. While on the bay, the fishing was hotter than the 4th. (sorry) The reefs are all holding fish at some point during tide changes. As always, water color, tide movement and wind usually plays a role which way we head out each day.

I had a couple of fun trips with long time regular customers this holiday. Be sure to look at the new pictures. And be sure to notice the size of these fish. They are all good trout. Yesterday I fished alone and tried some new spots out, and I caught fish everywhere. I released one that was 27". The wind forecast is stable all week so it should remain great. - Captain John


 Most anglers struggled all week because of high winds, but  the wind laid down Friday and Saturday and the bite was back on. The usual pattern was working for me and my guys with limits of really nice trout coming on live bait. The bite was not fast and furious so we had to work a little for our limits, but we did far better than most boats I taked to. We also had a visit from a school of Bull Reds which made for an exciting epic battle on light tackle. Check out the picture of the monster Christy boated and released. The wind forecast this week is looking to make it tough angling all week. But we will keep waiting and picking our days. The fish are there. Dont forget the new Pictures posted. - Captain John


The wind continues to make our days on the water limited. But when the wind allows, the fishing is great. We are in our normal summer pattern with the trout really hitting well. The guides throwing artificials are struggling a bit, but the ones who don't mind live bait are doing very well. The mid bay reefs are all holding fish. I had a good friend out Saturday for a trip and we whacked them early. He had his limit by 7:15. So we did a little scouting and released many more nice trout. We were back at the dock by 10:30. It was a great morning. This morning the wind was blowing pretty good and it made it tough. I didnt have a trip today and after seeing the wind, was glad to be sitting on the dock. I am sure the fishing will remain great all summer when the weather allows us to move around. Dont forget the picture page. - Captain John


I had some fun repeat customers out Friday and we got 20 big trout over shell throwing croakers. We had to look around a bit at first but we found them. And once we did we made short work of getting our limit. They were all very nice trout averaging above 20". Captain Jimmy is reporting the same results. The bite is finally pretty steady and predictable. We have occational days when they just don't eat very well. Saturday seemed to be that day as everyone struggled more than normal for their fish. They were right back on Sunday as you can see by the pictures. Also on the picture page I included a picture from a neighbor of some really nice Snapper caught yesterday by his group. The ridiculously short Snapper season opened Sunday and for once the winds let everyone get out and fish.


Captain Jimmy just sent me a picture and gave me a fresh report to share with you guys. His customers cancelled today and tomorrow in fear of a little wet weather and boy did they miss out. So Jimmy and a buddy decided to go out scouting anyway and finished a limit pretty quick. See picture page. Thats 20 big trout and a sand trout piled up there on his dock. All on live bait. If anyone wants to schedule, we have a boat open tomorrow and and several days open next week. The wind forecast is good and the Bay is clearing up. Give me a call if you know anyone wanting to catch some fish. - Captain John - 409-673-5420


It was a great holiday weekend on the Bolivar Peninsula. The peninsula was packed, and so was the Bay. Baits camps sold out of every live bait they had, restaurants were at overflow capacity, but it was fun to see so many people having fun. As for the was quite tough for some with the wind and the crowds. Boats were everywhere. We managed a couple of productive days inspite of the wind. We had to hide mostly on the shoreline, but the trout were there. We threw live croaker with good luck, but I heard other good reports on shrimp as well. I guess the key as always is being where they are feeding. Captain Jimmy had a bunch of good days as well with some big stringers coming in. I am sure the oyster reefs are loaded with fish, but the wind has kept everyone off the bay. It will lay soon and watch out. It will be awesome. Be sure to check out the new pictures I am posting. - Captain John


The fishing is finally getting good. Last saturday, there were lots of nice trout caught drifting the reefs on the south shoreline in spite of the high winds. They seemed to only want live shrimp out on the reef, but I found a gorgeous stringer of trout and flounder by working the shorelines with croaker. The little front we got yesterday may slow them a bit, but it will bounce right back. The bait camps now have healthy croaker and plenty of shrimp, so the only thing we need is decent weather. Dont forget to look at the new pictures.

Captain John


This spring continues to baffle all of us here on East Bay. The fishing is still not quite what it should be yet with spotty reports that are inconsistant. A few good reports here and there, but mostly eveyone is still having to work hard for some fish. The water Temperature has finally reached above 70 and is staying there. That usually gets them on our normal summer pattern and I look for it to just get more predictable each day. Right now the shorelines are still the best bet with the most consistant catches coming from the east end of the bay. The west end is slow to catch up, however I pulled a gorgeous stringer off the shoreline by my house late Friday eve right before dark. I had ten nice trout in under an hour. I went back the next day, under the same conditions and zeroed!? Go figure? Well at least I know they are there. We just need them to eat.

Live coaker are starting to show up at the bait camps but are still small and pretty beat up. That too will get better very quickly. I look for more stringers like the one I caught this weekend to be the normal soon. Be sure and check the photo page. -Captain John 


It has been a while since my last report. Cold water, miserable weather and a dead motor pretty much shut me down much longer this winter than intended. The good news is we havent missed too much. I have had lots of calls about the oil spill and Fortunately (at least so far) it looks as if The wind and tide was in our favor at the time of the spill. East bay has had little impact from the oil so far and it looks like we should stay on the good side of this mess. But still a very terrifying event that will cause a lot of problems everywhere it lands. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it continues to stay out of east bay. I will be on the water again this weekend and will report any new details worth mentioning next week. I will be breaking in a new motor so I will run the entire bay before the weekend is over.

I was looking at my report and records from years past and was amazed at how different this year has been. It has been a long cold dreary winter but the bay is finally coming to life again. On March 18th last year I was seeing 70 degree water all over the shorelines. This year has been very different with water temperatures staying well below normal. In spite of the cool water there have been a few reports of very nice strigers for the determined waders working the East end of the Bay. I lost my motor last year to a corrosion issue and will pick up my new one tomorrow, so I am looking forward to getting back in water immediatly. Bait has finally showed up in large numbers all over the bay. My shrimping buddies report lots of small croaker are now showing in the nets and that is always a sign that the bite is on, or very soon to follow. The bait croaker are still to small to sell, but that changes very quickly. The new few weeks will be great so Stay tuned for more..........Captain John


Well October is here, the weather is fine and the fishing is cranked up. Had a great group of young anglers today that had a gorgeous stringer of big trout. We are still catching them on croaker. However, I have had some really nice stringers lately on Top Water as well. The big sand trout are biting on all the reefs. Along with croaker, whiting, and everything else. Just put on a gulp and a jighead and the action is non stop. The flounder had been biting very well up until the last couple of days. I had a trip last week where we caught 33. But the tides and warm weather have slowed them down a bit. I suspect after this cold front comes this week, it will get cranked right up again and stay that way right on through November. I am posting some new pictures of my trip today so be sure to check the photo page. - Captain John 


It's been a while since I posted a report. With summer crowds gone and school back in session, business has been slow as expected for this time of year. The few trips I have run have been average to good with trout still on the reefs. With slightly cooler water temp they are starting to show back on the shorelines again. This week the east wind has played havoc with any trips so far and it looks like they are calling for rain this weekend. So it may be early next week before the weather allows me to run and see the entire bay. In the last few days, the strong east winds and full moon have caused some very high standing tides, with very wimpy outgoing tides. That will start to get better by weeks end. I made a flounder check and the smaller males are starting to run. They will just get better and bigger in the coming days and weeks. If the weather allows I have trips scheduled this weekend and will have a little more detailed report. If you havent made plans for a fall outing, you should. It is a great time to be on the bay or at the beach. Clean beaches, light crowds, and cooler temperatures. I love it. - Captain John


You can certainly tell summer is nearly done. The crowds on the Peninsula have gotten very slow but the fishing has not! I had a fun bunch of girls out Sunday & Monday who were succesful at catching their first Trout and their First Ling. The weather, water and day was great. Then today, I had no trip so I slipped out and caught a few on topwater early, then switched to croaker and caught a even more. I was just checking some spots, but the conditions were great and the fish were biting. I caught them in all locations I stopped. Shorelines and shell reefs. The most Trout came from shell. It looks like wind and weather may hold all week with exception to an occasional shower. Don't forget to look at the picures on photo page.        There are still plenty of great fishing days left in this season so make plans to come down. - Captain John  


Well a lot of time has passed since my last report. So many fun trips, I tend to forget to do the fishing reports. The vacation traffic has slowed down a bit as a result of "Back to school" time, so I am getting caught up. The last few days we have been beat up with the wind, but in spite of that we are still catching nice fish. Today the NE wind is pleasant and it looks like we will will have great weather all this week. I have posted many new pictures on the photo page, so be sure to check them out. Since my last report we have seen many Big trout, big oversized Reds, and even a few Tripletail have shown up. It's been a great summer, and we are getting ready for my favorite time of year. Fall on the Bay is my favorite time to be here. Everything is biting, the crowds have left, and the weather is pleasant. So make your plans to join me. - Captain John


This week was a bit of a struggle with the SW winds really hurting my plans. I had to cancel a couple. And the ones that went were difficult with not any extreemly large numbers of fish being caught. However, we did manage some great days in all the high winds. Wednesday we fished along the south shoreline and had a good mixed stringer of trout and reds. The family outing was fun and they took home a nice pile of fresh fish. We were all very happy we fought the wind and went. Then yesterday, we didnt catch many fish, but they were very impressive in size. We had 24" and 27" Trout. We released some impressive fish that hopefully will still be around for the Girls Galveston Bay tournament on Saturday. It looks like we will all have some bad winds to contend with, but it should be fun for a great cause. I will keep you posted on the results. Be sure to look at the latest photos.  - Captain John


The bad weather early in the week kept us off the water for a few days, but Friday it was back on. I had a single client that went with me and we had a ball catching and releasing lots of nice fish. He kept a gorgeous limit for the table, with many other nice fish released. Today (saturday) it started off a little slow, but we finally managed to find some nice fish before coming in. We had 13 trout up to 25" and a large slot red. The thunderstorms are still bouncing around, but not enough to run us in. I have a full week scheduled and am hoping the weather doesnt cause us any issues. The big trout are still biting over deep shell when we can get to them. Don't forget to check out the latest pictures. - Captain John


Friday the 12th, we had more west wind than I cared for so we went around to the jetty and hid on the north side. The water was green and my guys had a gorgeous limit of trout with a giant oversize red we released as well. A good day.  Saturday the 13th, I was back in the bay, and we struggled to get 8 keepers. Plenty enough for a fish fry, but after so many great stringers, I was disappointed. Our neighborhood had their annual tournament that day and after having spoke with many good anglers, the bite was slow for everyone. I guess they just don't eat on some days. Sunday was much better with light winds and we had a great stringer hanging back on the board again. (Be sure to check out the latest pictures) I took off today to get some personal business done, but start back on a long run of bookings tomorrow. Unless the weather gets ugly, I am expecting some great stringers. - Captain John


The fishing this summer has been great. To the point of sounding like a broken record. I am running out of things to report. We have been hampered by wind every now and then, but even on those days we are managing big stringers. This morning we had a pretty stiff West wind, which is not good for this bay, but in spite of the wind we had 16 beautiful trout with 4 fish over 24". The same pattern is still in place. Live bait over shell. Yesterday we had 18 trout with 2 oversize Reds to boot. Be sure to check the picture page for the latest photos.  - Captain John


The Bolivar peninsula was booming this week and weekend, with record numbers of visitors vacationing for the 4th. The weather remained stable and the fishing has been awesome. July 5th, I had long time friend and his daughter out for another outing. And if you have seen my web page pictures of the past, you will recognize Allison. She manages to always catch the most and the largest trout everytime she comes. We had a great day with a full limit before 9:00 a.m. Then we proceeded to catch and release several more very large fish.               The next day 7/6/13, I had bunch of Crazy Cajuns that fish with me every year at this time. I always look forward to these nuts, because they have fun whether we catch or not. But today they suprised me when they got on the boat with no "adult" beverages. They came ready to catch fish. The east wind really kicked up on us and had us a little tossed around and pinned us down to one spot, but we still had 30 big trout by 10:00. The bite slowed down and was not as fast and furious as it had been, but the guys worked really hard and made it happen. All our fish are still over shell on live bait. The trout this year have been really fat and healthy, with larger numbers than we have seen in quite some time. Be sure to take a look at the new pictures I have posted on the picture page. They are great!! I have some spots available next week so call me for bookings. - Captain John


The fishing is hotter than the fourth of July. (Sorry, I had to say it) Lets start with the last three fishing trips. Full limits, and very nice fish. The trout fishing is about as good as it gets. The Bay bite has been good over shell, with live bait. The surf has cleared up and waders are doing well there. I have been too busy fishing the bay to get in the surf yet, but hope my next morning off may find me wading with topwaters. I have been doing the usual croaker fishing in the bay with great results. The guys throwing plastics are catching a few, but live bait is certainly the way to fill a cooler with big trout right now. The mornings have been pleasantly cool, and the bay water is green all over right now. I have a pretty full schedule the next few days, so I expect to see plenty of nice stringers. I have several days open next week if you feel the urge to catch some big trout. Dont forget to check the photo page for the latest catch. Have a safe and happy 4th of July! - Captain John


The wind on Tuesday and wednesday did not cooperate at all. We had a really good blow from the SW. But in spite of that, we were able to find some very nice fish. just not the numbers we are used to seeing. Tuesday's group was a very nice family visiting from East Texas and although we didnt have very many, they were great fish and we were proud to have them. Wednesday the wind was still tough but my guys stayed with it and had a gorgeous stringer of fish with one well over 26" and another that was 25". All great fish.

I had a cancellation today and wouldnt you know it, the wind has laid and everything is looking great. I made a quick round to check a couple of spots and kept 6 pretty quick. I am confident I could have caught many more, but I left them alone for another day. Friday and Saturdays forecast is looking like more west wind than we would want, But we will deal with it. Starting Sunday it looks like we are getting in to a long pattern of light winds from the north. The surf should get good pretty quick. I think we are going to have a great week of weather next week for the fourth. In the last week, I have caught fish from the shorelines to the beacfront, to most all mid bay reefs. So overall, the fishing is great. Be sure to look at the photo page for the latest pics. - Captain John


The trout bite held up well Saturday. I had a fun group of guys out who were in a local tournament (Boogies). And while we did not win anything for big fish, we certainly could have done well if we could have entered a stringer weight. We had 21 trout with many in the 20"- 23" size. Along with two slot reds. A gorgeous stringer in anyones book, but nothing over 25" to weigh in for big fish. The Boogies Tournament was a huge success with several Trout over 5lbs weighed in with lots of good food and fellowship.

Sunday the wind kicked up and made fishing the open bay reefs a little sporty. We only had 6 Trout, but we finally caught that 25"  fish that we were looking for on Saturday. Go figure! Todays trip was rescheduled for Tuesday in hopes the wind will back off a little. Otherwise we will be pinned to the shorelines. The weather forecast is pretty fair all week so I expect plenty more good stringers. - Captain John


Well the wind finally backed off today and the Bay is clearing up nicely. Captain Jimmy and I had a two boat trip today and although the weather was great, the tide movement was horrible with almost no movement at all. We had a pretty fair early bite, but then it tapered off to nothing. So our guys had to work pretty hard to catch some fish. We wound up with two very nice stringers and plenty of fish for the table. My boat had the numbers while Jimmy's boat had some bigger fish. All the fish were healthy, and the guys were happy. Unless I have plenty of time on my hands, I will no longer be posting pictures on this fishing report page. So be sure to look at the photo page for the latest catch of the day. There are a couple of new ones there now. Thanks - Captain John


Monday the west wind was pretty bad. I had a regular customer and his son down and the weather turned on us. With a SW wind blowing straight down the bay it made the water very rough and muddy, but we fought hard and managed 5 nice fish. I cancelled Tuesday because of the same winds. I had a couple of buddies out and they did not do well at all. I think we made a good call. Wednesday's weather let us get out and fair much better. My guys had 16 very nice trout with a couple over 24".

This morning the Bay waters have calmed and it looks like we are about to have another run of nice weather. Be sure to check out the new pictures on the photo page. I still have some open days next week. - Captain John


The fishing is about as hot as it gets. I had Tuesdays group back again yesterday for round two. They caught a limit of fish early, with several very nice fish released for another day. Today I had another group who did the same thing. If anything, today was even better. They kept 30 and released many more nice fish. It was great. Everyone in my neighborhood is catching fish from one end of the bay to the other. It just doesnt get much better than it is right now. The forecast is looking good for at least another week, so I am hopeful this good fishing will hold up a while. When it is this good, we get spoiled. If you havent made plans to get down here on the water, then now is the time. - Captain John





After so many rough days in the spring, we are really enjoying the stable weather now. The Bolivar peninsula is booming with business and tourism and the fishing is great. I love my job! I had some long time customers out today and they limited out with a stringer of very solid fish by 9:00 a.m. We stayed and released a few more before the bite slowed down and we came back to clean fish. The pattern is staying the same with fish coming off the oyster reefs on live bait. There are lots of boats working the bay for midweek and all seem to be bringing in fish. There are some fish being caught drifting plastics, but nothing compared to the real thing. - Captain John







Pretty much the same good story. Plenty of fish on an early bite over shell. It was little windier than I like, but we bounced around and got a nice stringer. Good tides and good weather is expected all week. Should be another great one. - Captain John










Saturday morning the fishing was much like it has been all week. Fantastic! These friends of mine came down for an outing and worked the trout over pretty good. We had a limit on ice before 8:45, and then continued catching and releasing many nice fish. This Sunday morning the action slowed only slightly as I had a father son duo that kicked them pretty good as well. The wind was a little stronger than we liked today but we did very well on an early bite. They had 16 nice trout before we came in. All of our fish are coming on live croaker over shell reefs. The weather is looking good all week so I expect we will just keep on catching them on the same patterns. - Captain John




The incredible fishing just keeps on holding. Today I had a competitive Brother/Sister combo that really worked on the fish. We had a full limit again before 8:30. Which was nice because with zero wind it got really hot, really fast. So then we did a bit of running around checking some of my other spots, and caught fish everywhere we stopped. As it usually happens, the young lady was top angler of the day with the largest trout. Way to go Hayli ! The fish were all over deep shell on live bait. I did see a few caught on plastics, but I think the live bait is winning out right now. Great day. - Captain John 







Well the wind finally laid down on Sunday and the fishing has been great. I have fished every day and they are really going good right now on most every oyster reef I have checked. This morning I had some guest down from Dallas and they caught a full limit of trout (30) and 6 Reds before 8:30. After that we caught and released several more trout before heading in with a load of fish. It was about as red hot as it gets. I look for this pattern to hold up for some time. Lets go fish - Captain John 







The wind has made it quite tough. But the shoreline is still holding some nice fish for those willing to gamble. Scott Jensen was down from Dallas visiting a neighbor and fished with me today. As you can see by the picture he had a gorgeaous limit of trout with lots of big fish. We cruised the south shoreline until we found some slicks and fish feeding. It wasnt hot and heavy but we worked them hard and it paid off. The wind is forecast to lay down Sunday and stay that way for most of the week. I expect we will have a great week of fishing. There are still some openings if you want to book a trip. - Captain John






Another gorgeous day on the Bay. I had a fun young couple with me today who were a blast. They had a nice limit of trout with most fish over 20". Well actually we had only 19 fish because we miscounted. But a great box of fish and lots of fun. It was a crowded holiday saturday but we managed to escape the madness and get over a little known shell reef. The fish were there and willing to bite. More wind predicted tomorrow but we have a trip and are going again. The bite has finally gotten cranked up for the summer and should hold as weather and tide permits. - Captain John 






We had a bit more breeze than was predicted today. What's new!! In spite of the wind, it was a great day. I had two nice young men with me today, and we managed a good box of fish. Most of them were over 20" and fat as a pig. We caught them anchored over shell on live croaker. The water color is nice and if we ever get to run around the whole Bay, it will be something. The weather forecast is looking good the next few days and in spite of the holiday crowds, I am sure we will see some nice stringers coming in. Give me a call to book a trip. Have great Memorial Day weekend! - Captain John








The picture posted here is of my brother David, taken right before my birthday last August. This was the last opportunity we had to be together on the water on the water. It was a great morning. Last Sunday, May 12th, he lost his 4 year battle with cancer. He leaves behind a wonderful family of five children, one grandchild, a loving wife, a brother, a sister and brother in law, and a ton of friends, family, and fellow firefighters that will all miss him terribly. He was my hero, mentor, inspiration, friend and best of all, my brother. We all know he is in a much better place now. We are only sad for ourselves, not for him. I would like to say Thank you to all of the friends, family and firefighters that offered so much support to our entire family in so many ways during this difficult journey. And it should be noted that this journey was not all bad. There were many miricles witnessed along the way, and we got to share a lot things that many brothers never get to do. He is in good hands now.

As for the fishing....., At the moment, I am on the bank watching the wind blow. But not for long. I made a quick round this last weekend just to check water conditions. And other than this wind, the news is all good. The water temp is staying at 79, the color is good, the slicks are popping up on all the reefs, and the fish are there. The wind is supposed to calm down by Thursday and I am expecting some huge catches later this week. So if you want to be behind that picture board, come on down. The time is right!! Lets go fishing - Captain John




I have been busy with family issues so I have not had the time on the bay I normally have. I just spent the last three days on the water, and it was great. The trout are finally getting in a stable pattern. And I caught fish each day. The cold fronts have slowed down, and we are looking to have a fantastic May in East Bay. The picture taken here is my buddy with part of this mornings catch. The largest fish came on topwater early and then we drifted plastics over the shell and picked up several more fish. The bait camps now have live croaker and I am sure the trout are willing to eat them. I have had so much fun with artificial, I havent really gone to that pattern yet. But it is time.

The weather forecast is calling for another unusually strong front this thursday that may cool the water and slow the action for a couple of days. But May is always a good time. Let's go fish. - Captain John


Well it's been a while since my last report. And up until today, there hasn't been any hot action to report. This morning I had an old friend and his daughter ("Lucky Charm") with him. You may recognize her from other succesful trip pictures on my webpage. Every time she has fished with me she brings us all good luck. The bite this last week was very slow. The water temperature 5 days ago was a chilly 59 degrees. I know, we were wade fishing and really struggling to catch a few fish. And most of them were undersize flounder. Today however, the weather really warmed up and the water got up to 70 and what a difference that makes. The fish were finally turned on by the warm up. We caught reds, flounder and nice specks fishing the south shore line. Of course, Allison may have had something to do with it too, as she boated most of the fish. She had big trout, big red and big flounder. Way to go young lady!! You are always welcome on my boat. Oh, and she finaly let Dad catch a few as well.

We are seeing plenty of mullet on the entire south shore now and I hear a few small bait croaker are starting to show up in the shrimp nets. That is usually a sign they are about to finally start showing up on the reefs. Unless this cold front coming in tonight really drops the temp, the action should just get better as the days of winter get behind us. One or two more weeks and it will be wide open all summer - Captain John



As of Saturday afternoon, the water temperature in East Bay was anywhere from 61 to 64. That has triggered an evening bite for those willing to wade and grind it out with artificials. Trout are being caught along both south and north shorelines in the far east end of the bay. Best luck is for those wading very late. Pictured at left is John T. with a couple of nice flounde from Saturday evening. Check out the sunset picture from that trip on the photo page.  We didnt catch a lot of fish, but it was a great day none the less. We have a pretty bad front headed our way this week that will likely chill the water back down. Next warm up should get interesting. - Captain John




Well it is finally time to start thinking about fishing. Thank Goodness! I have completed my winter maintenance on my boat and like you I am getting a little cabin fever and am having a hard time waiting on the water to warm up. I have read all the usual blah blah about trophy trout in the winter, so I won't even bother boring you with those tales. You can pick up any magazine for that. The truth is, East Galveston Bay is usually the last Bay system to get cranked up in the spring, and the bite can be a little slow this time of year. However, I have heard some spotty reports and thanks to a mild winter, we may just get an early spring. I have had a few phone calls this week and have started booking some early trips. The number one question from all my conversations lately is .....What is biting right now? Well, depending on timing, weather and tides.............everything can be. However, The water Temp is still pretty cool and we need it to gain a few more degrees for things to really kick off. For the angler looking for fast action, it can be a little slower than the summer bite. But it is still a great time to be outdoors and hunting for some big fish. At the time I am writing this, the weather is pleasant, the sun has popped out and we should be fishing. I enjoyed a great year last year fishing with long time friends, and making many new ones. I hope to see you all in my boat again. So the bottom line is, we cant catch any fish sitting around reading about it. I have done enough of that, so lets go fish. :) - Captain John


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